Why buy this course?

Maybe you are interested in the financial markets or maybe you want to earn extra money outside of your day job, or it could be that you want to become a professional retail trader and give up you day job. Whatever your reason, Sach Capital can help by giving you the knowledge you need to develop your skills as a trader. Having a proper trading education is the first step in being a successful, long-term profitable trader.

What will I get when I buy this course?

When you buy the Professional Trader Program (PTP) you will get access to all the course material, the amount of time you have access to the course material will depend on your membership type for example if you have the month membership – you will have access to the trading course for a month, the Professional Trader Program (PTP) Unlimited Membership gives you life time access to our course so you can study at your own pace whenever you like, the unlimited package is our most popular membership.

When do I start trading with real money? 

It is entirely up to you when you start trading with real money, if you are a beginner with no previous trading experience we advise that you don’t start trading with real money until you have successfully passed the Professional Trader Program (PTP), however during your learning we do encourage that you download a demo account (instructions to get a demo trading account can be found on https://www.sachcapital.com/trading) you can use this demo trading account to practise on and build your confidence in trading without risking any money.